Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fly-By for Topline!

Hey! Salem & I are still alive and well, just ridiculously busy (well, I'm busy; Salem spends his days eating and strolling and converting oxygen to carbon dioxide).


I just wanted to do a quick post for those of you who don't read We Are Flying Solo (which I'm sure is none of you!) and therefore didn't see her review post of my new side business, Topline Leather. My Etsy shop is officially open, the Facebook page is picking up steam, and I've got a HUGE contest coming up soon!


Contest details will be posted on the Facebook page in the next few days, and you will definitely not want to miss this one, so "like" Topline and stay tuned!


L.Williams said...

Very cool, looking forward to the post.

eventer79 said...

AHHHHH! So many pretty thingz!!!!

Achieve1dream said...

I either forgot or never noticed that Salem has a mohawk! I had to go back and look at all of his pictures again. He is sooooooo handsome with a 'hawk! :D Now I can't wait to shave Chrome's. Thanks for commenting!!!

Achieve1dream said...

I really miss reading your blog! I hope you and Salem are doing well!

Achieve1dream said...

How are you and Salem doing? I miss your posts!

Achieve1dream said...

I know you had emailed me at some point, but I can't find your email. :( Since you are in Florida and have been having problems with Salem's health I wanted to ask you to please read my blog post today!!!

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Achieve1dream said...

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