Monday, May 9, 2011

Spaaaaaaaahhh Day

With most of us, our horses live far better than we do. That was certainly the case on Friday, when Salem had a full day of spa treatments and pampering.

He started off with an hour-long massage, which he absolutely loved. His whole right side was stiff and locked up, and while Candy (his trimmer, who is also a certified equine masseuse) was massaging him he would prance and fight and then suddenly sigh and let out a biiiiiiiig long yawn, complete with eye rolling. He must have yawned at least twenty times, and there was plenty of licking/chewing and big sighs, as well. I wish I had some pics, but I had pony-holding duties so no such luck.

After his rub-down, Salem went back to his paddock/stall for a bit in case he needed a drink (alas, the spa didn't even provide iced lemon water) and a little mental break. Then it was back to the aisle for his mani/pedi, which he desperately needed despite the fact that his hooves were just done two weeks ago. (Get ready for a slew of before/after photos -- yes, I am somewhat obsessed with Salem's hooves!)


Hinds (look at all that chipping!)

Left front (tons of flaring, separation, and retained sole)

Right hind

Left hind

Right front

I didn't take the "after" pics until Sunday, so his hooves look a bit different. But they're still much, much better than they were!

Left front

He still has some chipping/cracking on the hinds; unfortunately, Candy just couldn't
get it all off without taking too much hoof. So, we're going to do another
trim in two weeks and then hopefully we can get back on the normal
5-week schedule. In the meantime, I will Keratex and rasp to keep
the chipping at bay

Left hind

Right front

Right hind

After his mani/pedi, Salem and I took a long stroll through the grove; when we came back to the barn, Salem had his final spa treatment, a shower and Refreshmint/water rub-down. And while he didn't have cucumbers on his eyes and never got to wear a fluffy white robe, I'm willing to bet that Salem heartily enjoyed his relaxing spa day. Ok, now when's mine? :-)


SprinklerBandit said...

I've never had a spa day, but Izzy sure gets a lot. Huh.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Yours? haha, I dont have to tell you...NEVER..b/c we'll always spend our last $$ on the babies first! :)

achieve1dream said...

His hooves look much better! I'm a little obsessed with hooves too hehe.

I sure could use a spa day, but Chrome comes first of course.

Nina said...

Little Salem, so loved and pampered! Just like all good ponies should be :)

baystatebrumby said...

HEY! I just am back to catching up on all of the blogs I have missed during my home reno and could not believe my eyes when I saw salem and then, sure enough, read his name!! You should have seen me speedily going back to wear the return of Salem started. I am sorry for your friend, it is too bad that Salem's return was hinged by the death of someone so dear to you. However, I am excited to see that he's back!!!!! So excited.

baystatebrumby said...

I was so excited I made many spelling errors. What a dunce I can be.

Frizzle said...

Thanks, everyone! Yeah, we horse owners tend to be a scraggly, unkempt lot, as we spend all our $$$ on the ponies!
BSB, I <3 your enthusiasm! I always felt that Salem and I would be reunited eventually, I just had no idea it would be so soon or under such tragic circumstances.