Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Now That I'm Once Again A Horse Owner...

  • I sleep with my cell phone next to my bed with the ringer turned on
  • My bank/credit card statements read something like this: Feed Store A, Valley Vet, Feed Store B, Vet A, Feed Store C, Vet B, Feed Store A, Feed Store B
  • I constantly have shavings in my hair, hay down my shirt, and horse hair (and occasionally gnats) up my nose
  • 98% of my jeans are now "barn jeans"
  • I get to channel all of my OCD energy into researching/micro-managing every aspect of my horse's care (yay!)
  • Let's not even talk about the state of my fingernails...
  • My exercise DVDs & equipment are gathering dust (who needs 'em when you're mucking stalls and hauling around 50 pound feed bags and 1,000-pound bales of hay in 90 degree weather?)
  • The farmer's tan has officially made its comeback
  • I say "Whoa" to my dogs if they pull on their leashes
  • The grocery list now reads: Peppermints, carrots, pumpkin seeds, aloe vera juice, more carrots, Tums, and maybe some food for me (and of course Diet Coke for the barn fridge!)
  • I couldn't be happier!


Barbara said...

Very cool.

Denali's Mom said...

Why might you not be able to ride Salem?

SprinklerBandit said...

Why does DM think you might not be able to ride Salem? What's wrong?

(And your list is very similar to mine. ;-) )

Frizzle said...

SB, on Denali's blog she mentioned that she might never be able to ride Denali, but she'll love her just the same. I left a comment about starting a Beloved Pasture Ornaments Club or something, lol.

I honestly don't think whatever is wrong with Salem isn't "fixable," but ya never know. I always like to know the worst case scenario so I can be prepared. Actually, I'll be doing a post about it soon. No worries!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Can I get a membership to that club please...and can membership cost nothing ;)
They are worth their weight in gold. Literally. Now, if i could just find some gold while mucking out his stall to balance it all out.

Frizzle said...

But Kristen, you are riding your lovely Laz boy!

Hhhmmm, maybe there should also be a Beloved Semi-Sound Club; and of course the membership is free! The only requirement is that you <3 your pony and be willing to do whatever is in his/her best interest

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

But there are days where I wonder 'should I be?'
ugh...the guilt, the worry. As of now-no riding until Cliff can ease my worry about his episode.
You WILL be riding Salem again!!

smazourek said...

LOL- your credit card statements look like mine.

Did you forget to mention that now your home is a wreck because you haven't cleaned or vacuumed in the past month? Or is that just me?

Michelle said...

Soo true! Welcome back!