Saturday, May 28, 2011

Black & Blue And A New 'Do

Isn't this an idyllic scene? I love the rays of sunlight streaming through the branches and dappling Salem's back with bright pinpoints of light. It seems like a nice way to start this entry with something positive, since Salem's had it a bit rough lately. Last weekend, he had his third hoof trim (don't worry, I won't bore you with 250 pics of his hooves, like I usually do!), which went well but left him slightly gimpy.

This is his left front, which is looking a thousand times better than it did a month ago! It still isn't quite where it needs to be, but I see major progress. However, this poor little hoofie has a bruise at the toe, which was revealed during the trim. Apparently, the 18-mile long toe that he used to have torqued the hoof wall and pulled it away from the laminae further up the wall, causing the bruise.

It's a bit difficult to see on this cellphone pic, but the bruise is that reddish area by the white line. Candy gave me some arnica spray to help it feel better, but it just wasn't doing enough. Salem was looking quite ouchy the next day, so I packed both fronts with Magic Cushion and held it in place with the ever-classic Duct Tape Booties.

Stylish! I do love me a nice sparkly silver shoe. Unfortunately, these didn't last long. Salem somehow managed to wear through both toes, so I re-packed the toes and covered each hoof with Vetrap. That failed as well, so my last resort was Elastikon tape, which is holding up splendidly.

Are you bored yet? I know, this blog is not a very exciting read since I can't ride Salem yet. Hhhmmm, would you be amused if I attempted to give Salem a 'hawk and ended up butchering his mane horribly, and then posted a pic? Ok, good, you're in luck.

This picture does not do justice to the truly awful hack job that I did. It's completely jagged and crooked and ridiculous. And it still isn't standing straight up, despite the fact that it's all of an inch long!! Seriously, any tips from my fellow roachers out there? How do I get a wild, unruly, full-of-cowlicks mane to stand straight up and be even? Do I just shave it completely off and wait for it to grow out? Please, send me some advice because poor Salem looks like his mane was chewed off by a gang of drunken rats!

Well, at least Salem has a few perks in his life, like wandering around in this gorgeous grove and snacking on mouthful after mouthful of scrumptious grasses and weeds. Hopefully this (and ten pounds of carrots) will make up for the bad week he's having!


Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Sexxxxy boy has new Roachie do! LOVE a ROACH! When I did Laz's last July, his mane is like double thick and has about 200 cowlicks in every which way. I took him DOWN and it grew out kind of straight. I think Salem's looks pretty dang good though!
Ouch on that bruise. Oof..I hate seeing red on their hooves, dont you. You are such a great Mom to him..making him shoes on the fly! LOVE it.

Barbara said...

I love duct tape booties, I am quite good at them - to my horse's dismay. "why can't you buy me the nice pretty ones with the logo like all my friends get?"

Roach him shorter. Pick where you want it to be a little longer to make a nice shape to the neck, roach both ends to the skin and gradient it to about half an inch where you want it longer. As it grows out you can decide if it needs to be longer overall or down to the skin at the ends, but you will have the shape established. The only horses I have ever seen who could sport a nice even long roach are drafts and ponies - a zebra probably could also.
I hope he heals soon, I am so glad he ended up with you.

Frizzle said...

Thanks for the tips, guys! Guess I'll be taking the clippers out and making Salem officially bald, lol (well, besides his forelock!).

Aw, thanks Barbara, I'm quite lucky Salem ended up with me. :-)

SprinklerBandit said...

I love that last picture! He is so gorgeous. :) I'm loving the roach trend that's going around, but alas, I'm need plenty of mane to hang on to. That's why I don't even bother to pull Izzy's mane all that short.

Frizzle said...

Hahaha, SB, the difference is that you're jumping Izzy and I'm not even riding Salem. Things might change when I'm back in the saddle! ;-)

smazourek said...

You know it really doesn't bad in the pictures. If you hadn't said anything I'd never have known it was botched.

Fortunately that bruise at his toe should grow out quickly, he's also fortunate for the soft, sandy soil of Florida :)

achieve1dream said...

Poor Salem. Sorry he's having a rough time, but he's lucky to have someone so dedicated to taking care of him. :)