Thursday, October 15, 2009

War...Huah! What Is It Gooood For? Absolutely Nothing! Say It Again!

As some of you know, the creation of The Salem Blog turned out to be very incendiary, which was never its purpose. It was meant simply to follow Salem's progress so Ruby can keep track of his daily life and see pics and videos of The Boy. Also, it's uber fun and tons of other peeps have horsey blogs and I wanted in on all the hot blogging action.

Weeellll, Miss Jennie interpreted the creation of The Salem Blog as a challenge to her love of Phantom. The reasoning was, "Well, if Meghann is creating an entire blog dedicated to Salem, I must create an entire blog dedicated to Phantom." My announcement of this blog on the barn's whiteboard was definitely the straw the broke the camel's back. She officially declared war! Hahaha. Yup, now it gets fun...

Enter the I Heart Phantom Blog . Let me take a direct quote -- "oh yeah, and also cause this girl at my barn set up a blog for her horse and is totally 'trying me'... so now i have to make a blog for Phantom and have it be alot better than her blog...if anyone reads this please become a follower to my blog!!!!! i'm in major competition/war with this other girl and need to have more followers than she does. " Lol, Jennie, I ♥ you guys! [Sidebar to Ruby -- everyone at the barn knows Salem is yours, not mine! Maybe Jennie's just stirring the pot and trying to create another war?]

It's totally all in good fun and we're both having a great time. I told her that I am a peace-loving vegetarian who was raised by hippies, so I want no part of war. (But, if I did, at 13-4, Salem and I would be kicking a$$ and taking names!) Anyways, here's how our barn whiteboard now looks:

Ooohhh, man, I missed being out at the barn! I get to ride and hang out with fellow weird-os and engage in fake blogosphere warfare and get all sweaty and covered in hay and horse hair. Oohhh, yeah -- I am officially back!

*waves white flag* Can we commence peace talks, Jennie? Salem ♥s Phantom...and, all he is saying is, "Give peace a chance." ☮


jennie bang said...

so i was gonna say that the war could be over....until i saw the picture under this post....the one of Salem with the blue hearts, how fancy of you. why you always gotta one up me??!!!! before i thought it was on, but now it's really on!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. so it may look like i only have 4 followers, but i guess you didn't count the 99999102837828432937248 million billion gazillion invisible followers i have. geez, invisible followers count too!!!!

Frizzle said...

Uuummm...wait, so I am not allowed to use pink OR hearts? I was not given a copy of The Jennie Rule Book when I moved to the barn, so I am not aware of all the rules. You said that pink was your territory, but ya never said nothin' 'bout no hearts. Unfortuanetly, I have no psychic powers (although, how cool would that be if I did?) ;-)
♥ Meghann ♥