Monday, October 12, 2009

Settling In

The next few days, I let Salem settle in and adjust to life at our barn. Work was kept to a minimum, partly because I didn't want to push him and partly because we have been experiencing record-high temperatures here in south Florida. Seriously, if there was a swamp located directly on the surface of the sun, it would have to be named Miami because that is exactly how it feels down here! In light of the unseasonably caliente weather, we did a lot of hand-grazing, turnout, grooming, hosing, and long walks.

By Friday, I figured it was time for a bit of work, so I got out the longe line and did a short session with the boy. I'm not sure if he's ever worn exercise boots, because I put my Eskadrons on him and he piaffed around like a Lippizaner for a few minutes! He was slightly quick during the longe work and was being a bit of a lookie-loo, but I really didn't blame him, as there were workmen doing some roofing repairs on the house. Yes, Salem was doing a really great impression of an ostrich, with his head way up in the air, but he was still a very good boy (of course!)

Plus, I finally got to try out my new Arc de Triomphe bridle! I had been dying to use it since I bought it last February. I must say, Salem looked quite handsome sporting it.

Salem also spent some time making more horsey friends and bonding with his new bestie, Phantom. Usually, Phantom is a bit of a Mr. Crankypants (sorry, Jennie!), but he and Salem seem to have realy hit it off -- maybe because they've both got Halloween-y names? Here are some pics of the Dark-side Duo:

Salem also made friends with Phantom's "brother" Sid. They hand-grazed side-by-side and shared a pile of hay (mostly) without incident.


And, although I haven't personally seen the two together, Salem apparently is also quite fond of Pirate, who is turned out in the paddock next to his in the morning. I also heard a rumor that Salem, Pirate, and Phantom (who gets turned out in another adjoining paddock) like to engage in a freaky three-way strip tease and take eachother's fly masks off -- kinky!


There are a few things of which Salem is not a fan -- fly spray (he's gotten much better, but at first he thought it was horse-dissolving acid), curry-combs on his body (such a typical TB!), and "The Lagoon," the spot in front of our wash-racks. The wash-racks are concrete underneath with rubber mats on top, and there are rubber mats in front, as well. Unfortunately, the water runs down around the mats and doesn't drain at all (we have coral rock pretty much right beneath the topsoil down here). It gets kinda nasty, with deep mud holes. The first day, Salem stepped into one of the yicky spots and thought he was sinking into quiksand, poor guy! He was fine, but he does give the spot a sideways glance and steps very gingerly -- can't say that I blame him!

The Lagoon

Quicksand-y spot

Pretty yucky, huh? Fortunately, that big pile of sand that you see in the background will be used to remedy this sticky situation. Yay, no more Lagoon!

Stay tuned for the story of our first Miami ride!


Anonymous said...

Salem looks so handsome in your bridle.
LOL to the "Darkside Duo" - I love it!
I have to live vicariously through your adventures this week as the car broke down, and getting from Lakeview to Elgin/the barn is impossible with no car! :(

Frizzle said...

Thanks for the blog-love, Anni. Lol.
I feel ya about the car troubles -- I have been experiencing some myself. Luckily, my barn is exactly 2.6 miles away from me. :-)