Friday, July 29, 2011

Will The Real Wing Man Please Stand Up?

Back in May, I wrote this post explaining that Salem never raced and is not the Wing Man listed with the Jockey Club. He isn't tattooed, he never raced, and he never spent time at the track. Well, that post recently got quite an interesting comment:

Wing Man (the one with 46 starts) update: We acquired Wing Man after he retired from the track because of his exceptional eventing pedigree. He has been chilling out learning to not be a race horse and occasionally packs my wife around our trails. We will hopefully start breeding him soon. He has a fabulous temperament and is definitely still sound. Sounds like your Wingman is doing great as well.

The "real" Wing Man was bought by Wit's End Eventing. You can see his page here (where I got the  pics). I'm glad that he found a good home after his tough racing career. Now he will get to spend his days making lots of eventing babies, a career I'm sure he will enjoy. ;-)

Thanks for the update and clarification, Wit's End!


Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Wow Go wingman. 46 starts, Laz did 49 ..WOW these boys work hard early and deserve a great life afterwards. Wingman's may be the ultimate in bachelor retirement though ;)

achieve1dream said...

That's so cool. I love hearing about happy endings for OTTBs.