Friday, April 29, 2011

Drugs, A Giant Scary Speculum, And Power Tools

This pic looks a bit like a horror movie, but it's just Salem getting his teeth floated by the lovely Dr. Nate. He was scheduled to come out and float 6 other horses, so I jumped on the bandwagon and had him take a look at Salem's teeth as well;  of course, they had some pretty serious sharp points, so he got floated. And since he hadn't had his spring shots done yet, Dr. Nate gave him those, too. Poor Salem, he has had quite a few things done to him in the past few weeks!

I had to bring Salem up to the main barn so they didn't have to haul the equipment all the way out to his little barn. Of course, he had to be sedated for the float, so I had to leave him in the main barn until he was awake enough to walk back to his stall. I got him back there right before it started pouring rain, and he's now nice and comfy with a bunch of clean fluffy shavings and a big bucket of soaked alfalfa pellets. I'll go back a little later for his daily walk/grooming/general-fussing.


eventer79 said...

Whew, I do NOT let anyone touch Solo's teeth with power tools any more! But some people are good with them, hope your guy is! Those speculums are scary torture device looking, aren't they?

wendyu said...

I won't have my horses done with power tools anymore either. The drugging, the horse not being able to react to heat with the grinding from the fast action power tools, and the abnormal set of the head when the teeth are floated.

It's just not for my guys anymore...

I'm sure you vet did a fine job. My previous vets did a fine job too.

But this last time they were both so well behaved when done by hand without drugs. It was surprising to me and convinced me that it was the way to go with my two sensitive boys. The best was that they could go right back into their pasture afterwards. No worries from after effects.

Regardless of how it done, it's good to have it done! And to have their teeth just checked regularly. They sure can get sharp!

Carol said...

Two of our horses are done without power tools or drugs, but Rogo has to be drugged and gets the power tools. It works well for him. What ever works!

Frizzle said...

Believe me, I have some qualms about power tools. I've done all the reading; yes, they can get the tooth too hot, it's easy to take off too much, etc. I totally get it.

However, the sad fact is that there is only ONE person around here who does hand-floating and he does not do a very good job.

So my options are: one of several equine dentists who use power tools but are NOT legally allowed to use sedation (but who use it anyways) or Dr. Nate, who is a vet so of course he is legally allowed to use sedation. I also happen to think he does a VERY good job. I think Dr. Nate is by far my best bet, and of course it certainly beats not having Salem's teeth floated at all.

Alana said...

I am totally confident that you and all your research are doing the best thing for Salem. I am very luck to have a super awesome holistic vet get my guys, he takes two files, walks up to the horses in the pasture, takes their tongue, files away, all done! Does a beautiful job, and the horses don't mind! Even Miss Fussy Pants Bailey! Ugh, they are due in June. Not looking forward to that bill lol!

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