Saturday, October 20, 2012


For the longest time, I have read rave reviews of the Micklem Multibridle and Micklem Competition Bridle--people say their horses are softer, less fussy, more accepting of contact, and so on and so forth. They're both very reasonably priced, but for someone (like yours truly) who barely has two dimes to rub together, they're completely out of budget. So, when I found a brand-spankin' new black oversize Competition Bridle on ebay for a steal, I jumped at it.

Salem seems less than thrilled with it :-/
Shown here with my Stubben copper oval-mouth boucher bit

I don't think it's particularly flattering on Salem's face, but
I'm not worried about that--if it makes him softer and happier, it could be 
(semi)hideous and I wouldn't care

Of course, Salem is more interested in his grain bin

I also tried it on him with a Korsteel plastic mullen eggbutt bit

I'm not sure which one he prefers, but with both bits there was lots of this:

And this:

"Oh, crap."

Saddle: Check
Bridle: Check
Dressage girth: Not yet
Dressage leathers: Nope
Dressage pad: Nada
Eventing safety vest in case I fall on coral rock and break myself: Negative

So, I have most of the large purchases out of the way and I mainly need to buy little stuff. I'm only sort of kidding about the vest, although it would be a nice thing to have. Certainly, I will buy one eventually, but I'm not going to put off riding just because I don't have one.

We're getting there!

P.S. My Premier Equine Air-Cooled Eventing Boots are somehow still available!


eventer79 said...

I want to try one of those on Encore so bad!

Frizzle said...

Keep your eye on eBay--there are occasionally deals to be had! ;-)

Alana said...

I want to try one on Bails too. I am toying with the idea of getting a boucher for her. Dunno.
I personally think Salem looks handsome in it! I can't wait to see some riding pictures!

Frizzle said...

I believe Dover has a "try it" option for the Micklem Competition Bridle, so you guys can see if your horse likes it and return it if s/he doesn't. Of course, Dover is more expensive than, say, Adam's Supplies or Horseloverz, but it might be worth it to be able to try the bridle out. I bet Encore and Bails would like it! :-)

Alana said...

*Dumb question alert* Is it true that a horse needs a bigger boucher bit than a regular?

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

He looks tres adorable!!! So how does that not pinch their lips? I just don't get it, but I'm zero educated on normal tack ;)
He looks super HOT and ready to go ;)

Frizzle said...

Alana, totally not a dumb question! I have never heard that you need a bigger size with boucher, I just get Saley's regular size. The only bit that I know you need to go up a size with is a Waterford.
Kristen, I have no idea how exactly the Micklem works, but it was designed around the horse's skull/nerves versus the outside of the head and it's supposed to avoid the sensitive nerves and facial bones. I NEVER use flashes, I am pretty anti-, but with this noseband you put it on *fairly* loosely so the horse can still open its mouth (as Saley clearly can!). Can't wait to try it out! :-)

Emmi said...

Just found your blog! Good luck on completing your list!

Andrea said...

Bah I want those air-cooled boots! But I can't justify a purchase like that when I am not currently eventing. Boo!

Jacylyn said...

I think he looks sexy, and I am coveting a Micklem myself. You will have to let us know if he changes his tune/stops trying to spit it out. Also just wanted to say I love your blog and am glad to have found someone else on the natural trim/shoes? we don't need no stinkin' shoes train.

achieve1dream said...

I want a vest too, but I can't afford one lol!

Is the noseband on the bone of his nose? I can't tell in the pictures. I'm not used to seeing those bridles so it looks low to be, but it may just be the configuration. :) I'm glad to hear it's loose though and not like a flash.