Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sass Is Back

A certain little Mustang mare has been getting herself into all kinds of mischief lately--she roams the property, taunting the other horses and teasing them into squealing/kicking frenzies. She rips her halter off in the trees, hides behind every larger-than-Tiff object she can find, and once even took a short stroll out the gate and down the road. The cookies on her stall have twice been broken into and devoured, and if her feed bucket is empty you can be sure it will soon be banged against the wall repeatedly and with much zeal. If she thinks it's past time for her daily "spa appointment," she parks herself on the washrack and glares at me--I swear one of these days she will start tapping her toe and rolling her eyes.

Yep. I think the sass is back. ;-)

For the past month, Tiffany has been trimmed once a week, and with each trim she has grown more comfortable and exponentially more feisty. She's spending less time lying down and more time walking around grazing and being a horse. Her legs no longer shake, she can stand on her painful left front for longer and longer periods, and she can truck around at a fast walk with just a hint of a hitch in her stride. Best of all, she's happy--sometimes I think that mare is smiling at me. And when she sees Candy, she lights up and nickers happily.

Friday Dec 2nd was Tiffany's fourth trim. It marked the end of her first month of rehab AND *drumroll, please* was the official photo shoot for her calendar girl debut. Yes, our sweet Tiff is going to be featured in the Cavallo 2012 calendar! I have been beyond impressed with Cavallo for their kindness and generosity. As someone who regards large companies as evil, money-grubbing, soul-less empires, I was floored to find out that Cavallo was donating a brand-new pair of Sport Boots and two sets of gel pads for Tiff. They really went out on a limb to help her out and have been a class act all the way. So, THANK YOU, CAVALLO!

Tiff's Cavallo Sport Boots
(after a solid week of use)

Tiff's pre-mani/pedi White Lightning soak

Left Front After

Remember the giant flare that used to be on the medial side of this hoof?
 Only one month later and it's nearly gone

Right Front After

The area of separation that had previously exposed live laminae is closing up nicely,
thanks to White Lightning soaks & icthamol

 Right Hind After

Left Hind After

That video was shot immediately after her trim and I must have watched it at least a dozen times already. I always knew Candy was good, but I have been continually amazed at how quickly she's turning Tiff's hooves (and her whole life) around. The progress that mare has made in one month is astounding. But Candy and my work is far from over, and not just concerning Tiff--we've already got our next Laminitis Rehab Case in our sights. Candy is putting together another information packet and I'm preparing for round two of the Friendly Gnat Game. :-) Because why settle for one sassy previously foundered mare when you can have TWO sassy previously foundered mares?


eventer79 said...

Oh, that poor sweet horse. I am so glad she is feeling better. You are right, she still has a long way to go, but if she is happy and sassy, well, that is an excellent thing! :-)

Alana said...

Oh wow!!! I am going to steal Candy. So if she disappears, she will be in eastern NC, you can come visit her if you want. Rascal needs a good trim, his footsies are rather alarming, so I want Candy!!
You guys should be so proud of what you have accomplished with this sweet girl! Her hooves are looking, well, like hooves! And really, her face says it all, that is one happy sassy ponyface!

Frizzle said...

Yep, eventer, Tiff is becoming quite the little trouble-maker. But I will take highjinks to no-jinks (?!) any day.

Alana, you will steal Candy over my cold dead body! ;-)In fact, if I ever move, I'm planning on kidnapping her myself.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

This is soo awesome to see! I love to watch Candy in action too :) I see she is a fan of removing bar as well! How did she tame the flares? Rasping at them?

achieve1dream said...

That's so awesome!!

smazourek said...

I can only imagine how good you, Candy, and Tiff's owner feel right now at the improvement in that mare :)

And props to Cavallo, that's awesome. Personally I would take Cavallo over Easyboots any day- I've never had any luck with those darned Easyboots.

Golden the Pony Girl said...

Awww she reminds me so much of the old foundered and starved fella I helped out a few years ago. We gave him free run of the barn too and once he felt better he was so naughty! It is so nice to see these old guys with a new lease on life :) Congrats to all involved :)