Sunday, October 3, 2010

En Fuego!!

Whhheeeeeeeeee!! I just spent the past several hours glued to the TV gobbling up every second of NBC's WEG coverage (as I'm sure most of you did, too!). I was thrilled to see so much Eventing coverage, and especially happy to see "The Woff" as commentator. Awesome! I do have to admit, though, that I completely zoned out for the Reining portion, which should be renamed Competition For Fat Guys. ;-) Yup, we English-riding girls can be total snots sometimes.

Unfortunately, the Dressage Freestyle ride that everyone is buzzing about was not shown on NBC's coverage. You have GOT to see this -- Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz and his Iberian horse Fuego XIII laid down an incredible, inspiring performance. They didn't medal, but they definitely captured the hearts of thousands.

One-handed one-tempis -- what?!! They more than deserved the thundering standing ovation they received. Brilliant!!!


baystatebrumby said...

I haven't been abe to see any of the WEG!!! I am very bummed!! We don't get the networks on our TV because we have satellite and it flakes out constantly! I am very jealous!!!! Maybe I can see some of them on YouTube or something. ARGH! I am glad you have been watching though! I will watch vicariously through you!

Frizzle said...

Bay, you can watch online at for something like $30 total -- and I believe that also gives you unlimited access to all of the coverage, including previously-recorded events. That's totally worth it, in my opinion!
I SO wish I was there, though.

eventer79 said...

I am still not a fan of all the knee-action in the dressage arena -- when they go for extended trot, I feel like I'm at a Walking Horse show!

BUT, this one is a lovely horse and the music is perfect for his gaits. I think I most enjoyed his canter work, he was so light on his feet! And that horse is beautiful self-carriage and is quite the showman.

Ok, and I totally laughed at the end when the dude almost fell off.

Golden the Pony Girl said...

Haha! They DO look like gaited horses these days. Otherwise I agree that horse and rider team look amazing!

Frizzle said...

Totally agree about the knee action, particularly concerning Salinero and Moorland Tortilas (I still do NOT get why that horse has been receiving the highest scores ever -- the same Tennessee Walking Horse thought goes through my mind every time I watch him go!).
I really loved Peters and Ravel's round; that pair is always so impressive!

eventer79 said...

I haven't seen Ravel's stuff yet, will have to look it up when I have some free time. I do love that pair!

eventer79 said...
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Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

I know, I was glued to the TV..loved it! :) My husband was kicked to the back room and would come up every now and again and go "wow..that's that a TB?" cute :)
Dressage is so cool but my favorite parts are where the horse looks relaxed yet collected but not cranked in. This pair was lovely.
And the I mean, I can't imagine the hocks on those poor QH's can last?! And yes, seems part of the attire was a pot belly, lol! I did like all the whistling, whoop whooping, and cheering from the audience :)

Nina said...