Sunday, June 27, 2010

If Wishes Were Horses...

Yep, it was inevitable -- though I have attempted to restrain myself from trolling the CANTER website for prospects, I have not been able to resist its siren song. Hi. My name is Meghann and I am a Thoroughbred-aholic. It has been two and a half months since my last ride. 

But, surely, there's no harm in looking, right? ;-) I am just thankful that the closest CANTER chapter is in the Mid-Atlantic, because if it was any closer I would be scrambling to come up with enough $$$ to support my horsey habit. So, without further ado, here are the ponies for which I am currently pining:

This is OK Bay, a 16.2 hand 6-year-old gelding (who deserves a name change, as he is clearly much better than "OK"). I'm no conformation expert, but to me he looks sturdy and substantial, not to mention extremely smooch-able. I absolutely adore blood bays, especially when they have those cute white feet. I could definitely see him galloping across fields and soaring over ditches and logs. (And he's only $1000 -- total bargain!)

*swoon* I am such a sucker for a grey. Maybe it's because I spent my childhood watching The Horse in The Grey Flannel Suit and Sylvester so many times that I wore out the VHS tapes, but I have a huge soft spot for greys. And, yes, my horse Mac was a big grey TB gelding, so it's a bit of an obsession. But, really, who could possibly resist this tall drink of water? He's a 5-year-old 16.2-16.3 hand gelding named Rugby's Hill (Rugby as a barn name = cuteness!) who is listed for $2,500. Maybe it's the way he's standing, but his right hind looks a bit funky to me; but that's the only fault that I can see. And, honestly, that face certainly makes me forget about any flaws he might have -- adorable!

Zagarello! Alright, I admit that part of this guy's appeal is his name -- but he is also quite a looker. Zag is a 4-year-old 17 hand gelding listed for $1,200. Part of the reason I'm drawn to him is because of his height; I'm only 5'7" but I tend to dwarf horses (I made 17 hand Salem look small!). Zag is cute as a button, young, and marketed as a "lovely event" prospect (something I have been itching to try, myself).

Yes, I'm sure there are about a million more, but I've got to rein myself in somewhere. :-) So, if a bag of money just happens to fall out of the sky tomorrow, which one of these cuties should be my next pony?


eventer79 said...

The first is very downhill, dressage would be a struggle (hey, I'm an eventer, that's the way I look at horses, LOL).

The grey I like the best, although he is too long from hip to stifle, BO's horse has this issue, it also creates dressage issues.

The third would be a big no for me, since, having a horse with a high maintenance back, when I see a back that long with that weak a loin, I run, run away.

But I confess my own CANTER addictions. They have stunning horses up in PA, apparently that is where all the good conformation is. My next prospect, I'm going shopping up there.

Frizzle said...

Lol, Solo, I specifically limit myself to looking at the Mid-Atlantic horses -- there's really no logic behind it, as I'm not in a poistion to buy a horse at the moment. For some reason, though, I tell myself that I should only look at horses there since it's the closest chapter to me (???!).

And thank you for the honest opinion. I can always count on you for a good confo critique. :-) Personally, I can never seem to be objective about horses. My eyes glaze over and I just go, "Oooooo, pretty pony!"

Golden the Pony Girl said...

oooooh I also have a huge soft spot for grays and I just love the second horse. He is still so dark! Swoon is right.

eventer79 said...

I take back the stifle comment on the grey, got it mixed up with the first horse. The grey actually looks not bad at all behind.

Hahaha, well, don't look at the PA chapter then. It's all I can do not to get in the truck right now. I found a stunning young gelding up there who screamed upper level eventer. Too bad he was like 15.1 or something and I would have looked like a gorilla.

Frizzle said...

Dammit, Solo, now you've got me looking at PA! Seems they have a lot of shorter horses, but here's my wish list:
Mr Ned (bottom of 1st page) -- only 16 hands, but adorable!
Split City (2nd page)
Ghostly Spirit -- a mare, which I don't usually go for, but she's gorgeous
Proudest Native
High Favor -- totally short, but holy cow, he looks awesome! I wonder if this is the one you were lusting after (he's 15.2 1/2). Used to be a steeplechaser and looks like a powerhouse. Too bad I would look like an ogre on him!

Alana said...

I am furious at all of you guys!!! I am now totally and completely in love with Bid in the MidAtlantic. He has nice bone, good looking, cheap, and pretty dag on close to me!!!!!
Hm, I think you should get all 3 of the ones that you posted!!! Lol!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

omg omg!! Frizzle, I'm so excited that A. you are blogging again and B. we are helping you pick your next pony?????!!!!
SO, obviously that blood bay has my heart..done and done! LOVE a grey too, so add him in to your stable and that Zag...why not? LOL!
So many beautiful TB's and so little money......sigh.
This is FUN though!!!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

oh and I forget to say..that I used to be OBSESSED with the movie Sylvester!! LOL...and how many diff greys were in that movie?! From flea bitten to dappled, etc, but I loved them all!

baystatebrumby said...

I am glad I randomly thought to check your blog! I thought you had thrown in the blogging towel. I cannot wait to read more about your search for a horse! I love that you find smoochable to be a valued characteristic!

Nina said...

Great to have you back!!!!! I like Zag the best!!!!