Thursday, March 18, 2010

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Just a drive-by post to say that I will soon be heading out to the barn for Salem's afore-mentioned appointment. Dr. Bob was already scheduled to come out, so I added Salem to the roster for a chiropractic adjustment. The poor boy has always been soooooo stiff to the right, and I really feel that he has some major alignment issues. I'm sure it makes him uncomfortable, so I decided to just cough up the cash and get it taken care of now. I am really working hard to make him as comfy and issue-free as possible before he leaves me.

OK, I'm off to make some baked Brie for Dr. Bob. I'll take some pics of the adjustment and write up a full report later. Cheers! :-)

UPDATE: No Dr. Bob today because he got an emergency call. :-( So, Salem Pony will have to wait until Saturday to get adjusted. I'm sure he'll live.

On the other hand, we had a lovely ride today, despite numerous distractions. There were four other horses out in the field with us, it was windy and cool, one of the farriers was there clanging away, and the neighbor's dogs were rustling around in the leaves by the fence. Even with all the ruckus, Salem hacked around all soft and quiet and focused. Such a good pony!

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eventer79 said...

Sweet! Solo does NOT like to be adjusted, but my chiro has done great things for him over the past three years and it has been worth every penny!