Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No Rollkur!!

I'm showing my solidarity for the anti-rollkur movement. If you agree, please copy/past this graphic and the underlying text to your blog. We need to end this cruel practice once and for all!

The FEI is holding a closed-door round table meeting on Feb. 9th to discuss the training method known as rollkur, or hyperflexion, which involves pulling and holding the horse's muzzle to his chest. This practice is known to have many negative effects on the horse, both physically and psychologically. Gerd Heuschmann, the lone voice for the horse at this meeting, has my support and appreciation as he presents his case "for the good of the horse" along with petitions and letters saying NO TO ROLLKUR.

FEI PRESS RELEASELausanne (SUI), 9 February 2010FEI ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE RESOLVES ROLLKUR CONTROVERSY Following constructive debate at the FEI round-table conference at the IOC Headquarters in Lausanne today (9 February), the consensus of the group was that any head and neck position achieved through aggressive force is not acceptable. The group redefined hyperflexion/Rollkur as flexion of the horse’s neck achieved through aggressive force, which is therefore unacceptable. The technique known as Low, Deep and Round (LDR), which achieves flexion without undue force, is acceptable.The group unanimously agreed that any form of aggressive riding must be sanctioned. The FEI will establish a working group, headed by Dressage Committee Chair Frank Kemperman, to expand the current guidelines for stewards to facilitate the implementation of this policy. The group agreed that no changes are required to the current FEI Rules. The FEI Management is currently studying a range of additional measures, including the use of closed circuit television for warm-up arenas at selected shows.The group also emphasised that the main responsibility for the welfare of the horse rests with the rider. The FEI President HRH Princess Haya accepted a petition of 41,000 signatories against Rollkur presented by Dr Gerd Heuschman.The participants in the FEI round-table conference were: HRH Princess Haya, FEI PresidentAlex McLin, FEI Secretary GeneralMargit Otto-Crépin, International Dressage Riders Club RepresentativeLinda Keenan, International Dressage Trainers Club RepresentativeSjef Janssen, Dressage RepresentativeFrank Kemperman, Chairman, FEI Dressage Committee (by conference call)François Mathy, International Jumping Riders Club RepresentativeDavid Broome, Jumping RepresentativeJonathan Chapman, Eventing Representative Roly Owers, World Horse Welfare RepresentativeTony Tyler, World Horse Welfare RepresentativeUlf Helgstrand, President, Danish Equestrian FederationJohn McEwen, Chairman, FEI Veterinary CommitteeDr Sue Dyson, Veterinary RepresentativeDr Gerd Heuschman, Veterinary RepresentativeProf. René van Weeren, Veterinary RepresentativeJacques van Daele, FEI Honorary Steward General DressageGraeme Cooke, FEI Veterinary DirectorTrond Asmyr, FEI Director Dressage and Para-Equestrian DressageJohn Roche, FEI Director Jumping and StewardingCatrin Norinder, FEI Director EventingCarsten Couchouron, FEI Executive Director CommercialRichard Johnson, FEI Communications Director

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I didn't even know that such a thing existed! Thanks for the post about it!